This is my movie…What's Yours?


It’s only been one week since Matters of the Heart has been officially published and so much is already happening! The book is selling beautifully, the feedback so far has been great, and the first Matters of the Heart book club begins this coming Tuesday, February 12th, in Naugatuck, CT (and I predict this will be the first of many, many book clubs all across the nation!). In a few weeks there will be a local “book release party” and close to 100 people are expected to attend. What can I say?  In Matters of the Heart we explore how our thoughts matter and how we’re the producers, directors and often the actors in our very own movies, except that these movies are our thoughts, played out in our own minds. These movies – whether we’re intentionally creating them or not – can greatly determine the type of life we’ll live. Since the moment I began writing this book, “my movie” was one filled with passion and a desire to impact the lives of teen girls all around the world. Now that the book is published, I see my movie beautifully and magically unfolding – that of Matters of the Heart creating a lasting and positive impact in the lives of teen girls. That’s my movie – and I plan to hold on to that image for a long, long time.  How about you –what movies are you creating? And as always, remember to…


Open your heart to what really matters…



Corin Wiser, Author

Matters of the Heart: A guide to living and loving your teen years


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    Great Book

    I love the book….

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