Matters Of The Heart

ISBN 978-0-9767528-8-2
pp160 – 6″ x 9″ – paper
US $13.95

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Matters of the Heart: A guide to living and loving your teen years is offered as a gift – a gift of a lifetime and a gift for a lifetime. The question is, are you ready to receive it? Are you ready to accept the precious gift of You? If so, get ready to embark on an empowering journey of self-discovery that will leave you feeling more self-confident, more determined, and more in-tune with who you really are – a journey that will make your transition into young adulthood a smoother, happier, and more satisfying one! In Matters of the Heart, get ready to unwrap the gift of You by discovering, learning, growing – and yes – thriving and succeeding throughout those challenging teenage years. So… are you ready to unwrap your gift?

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