Mothers and Daughters, Connecting Here and Now

Mothers and Daughters,

Connecting Here and Now…

With Corin Wiser, M.Ed.

Corin brings her experience as a mother of three daughters and as a child and adolescent mental health therapist to life as she reveals simple principles in a realistic, fun and empowering way. She has an uncompromising commitment to helping mothers and daughters strengthen their connection and deepen their understanding of one another. Most significantly, Corin believes that a strong mother-daughter connection empowers young women to better meet and overcome the unique challenges of the teen years.

At this seminar, mothers and daughters will:

  • Strengthen the bond and deepen the connection between mothers and daughters
  • Learn how past experiences are currently influencing their “mother-daughter” relationships
  • Identify new and powerful ways to connect and flourish
  • Understand the gifts inherently found in the mother-daughter connection (A challenge in a world in which the importance of this connection is minimized!)
  • Become aware of the multitude of conflicting messages from the media and learn to differentiate reality from myth
  • Identify the goals in their “mother-daughter” relationship
  • Leave feeling empowered, inspired and with a new-found appreciation for the mother-daughter bond!

This is a two hour workshop for moms and daughters who value the importance of having a healthy Mother -Daughter connection and are committed to strengthening this very special bond. This is also a workshop for mothers who desire to see their teen girls reach their full potential through the turbulent and often times painful teen years.

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