Mother-daughter Book Club Experience… One to be Cherished


Just last week I was invited to attend an incredibly special mother-daughter monthly girls club meeting. This group gets together regulary and participates in some type of activity. For this “get-together” (the one I was invited to attend), the group was asked to read Matters of the Heart and share the mother to daughter and daughter to mother insights. It was fun to be there - with two of my three daughters - and receive feedback not only from the “younger reader” but from the mothers themselves! I just received an email from one of  the members of this mother-daughter club. She has shared two of the journal entries she’s included in her Matters of the Heart book so far. Mind you, this 15 year old is absolutly

extraordinary and truly left me speechless the night we met. This is what she wrote:


 Thanks so much for coming to our meeting! Here are the two enteries that I read

at the meeting:


Question: This is a description of who I am…/what do you want to be when you grow up?

Answer: I believe that everyone grows up at different points in thier lives through experiences, no matter how young or old. So instead of saying when I grow up…in twenty years, where would I like to see myself? My answer is that I have no idea what I would like my profession to be or where I would prefer to live. All I know is that throughout my life, I would like to be happy.


Question: If I could choose a special purpose in my life, I would chose to…

 Answer: Help people. Whether it is helping a woman cross the street, getting a friend through a difficult time, or flashing a smile that could make someon’s day, the high I get from volunteering myself for the good of others is indescribable. For community service this year, I went to a temple where a group of special needs patients called Best Buddies came to play with volunteers. Throughout the day, I began to realize how the little things I did like complement a woman’s shirt or read a book to a boy would make their faces light up and gave them grins that lasted throughout the day. I believe that people are mean to do what makes them happy. After the day had ended, I was left with a stronger sense of self and happiness than I knew could ever be obtained.


Eventually, I would like to finish reading/writing entries in the book. If you would like, I can send them to you as I complete them. Thus far, by re-reading my answers that have come from my heart, I have already learned a great deal about myself and the type of person that I am and will always strive to be.


Thanks so much,

            B. Z. “


Thank you to B.Z. for your great email!  You are already a great role model to younger girls that clearly look up to you, and an inspiration to all that know you! And a most heartfelt thank you to the rest of the mother-daughter group members for inviting me to attend - I had such a great time! Your feedback on the book as well as the conversations that sparked as a result of our discussions, were insightful, helpful and, empowering to us all! 

And as always, remember to…


Open your heart to what really matters…

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