GREAT email from student at Naugutuck High School, CT.


I must share this email – it was written by an incredibly insightful student who is part of the book club in Naugatuck, Connecticut (name has been deleted to respect her privacy)…


Dear Ms. Wiser,
               My name is ……, I am a student in the Naugatuck High School book club which is reading your book Matters of the Heart, and Mrs. DiLorenzo has encouraged me to write to you with my comments and thoughts.
                First of all, I would like to say I have very much enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I think this is a wonderful book for young girls forming their self image to read and remember while going through the moments in life which will define them.
                One reference in chapter four (Words Matter) about Masaru Emoto’s water experiment particularly caught my attention. While I have not had the pleasure of reading Mr. Emoto’s book, the mention of him brought to mind a movie I had seen some time ago which I think ties in very nicely to your book.       
                The movie is called What the Bleep Do We Know!?  I believe it came out four years ago. It follows a character named Amanda, a deaf photographer who is emotionally damaged by her husband’s affair and divorce. It uses everything from our perception of reality to quantum mechanics to existentialism and metaphysical ideals to explain why this woman is unhappy and what she has to do to be able to love life again. It’s a very fascinating movie and I think appropriate for 13 and older students.
                 I hope you get a chance to see the movie and write back with your opinion, I know its given me almost as much to ponder as your book has! There are lots of ideas out there I must get to mulling over, thank you for contributing to the collection of authors who really make me think

Amazing, right? And this is my response to her…


    Hi ……, how wonderful to receive your great email!  Thanks for taking the time to write and share your comments and thoughts.  I have to tell you, although I’m here in Florida, I feel so connected to your book club. I told Ms. DiLorenzo yesterday that I feel like getting on a plane and meeting all of you in person! Who knows, maybe one day… And to respond to what you so eloquently wrote… The movie you mentioned was actually what inspired me to read Emoto’s books.  And just a few months after reading some of his books, I began to write mine. Although I didn’t know exactly what format my book would take, I knew without a doubt that I would dedicate a chapter to how words can influence our perceptions and determine to a great degree the quality of our lives. I also strongly believe that what we say and how we say things influences us in a deep, deep way.  As I mentioned in the book, words are boomerangs that are sent out and come right back to our “core.” Why not then choose the right words? If you liked the movie, you will really like Emoto’s books (he appears in the movie, if I’m not mistaken) – they are simple and easy to read yet filled with wisdom. Your comments reflect how introspective and smart you are. Although I’m not aware of what your personal interest are, I can tell you that if you are attracted to movies like “What the Bleep,” you are a step ahead of many your age. Please keep in touch and feel free to share any other thoughts or comments with me.  In fact, if it’s OK with you, I would love to post your comment anonymously on our web site blog. Please let me know, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.  Take good care,



           Corin Wiser


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