Great Comments from Two Young Women I met at the Books and Books Signing…


Meeting Corin Wiser was a privileged experience where I got to share a common goal with her, and that was to know that we girls need to find ourselves and not let the bad influences of the world around us affect who we are.  I think that Wiser is a wonderful person who let God inspire her to write such a positive book where daughters and mothers can connect at a level that was never done before.  We need some purity in this world and that purity is going to help us shape who we are by staying pure to ourselves.

Thank Corin,



Hi Corin,

It was really great meeting you Wednesday at Books & Books and it was an honor to have you speak to us about “Matters of the Heart”. It was a great motivational chit-chat we had. =)

I know the book will be a a guide and help to all those teenage girls that go through their growing up stage.

Take Care
I wish you the best.

Priscilla E.

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