“I know that my daughter and I benefited tremendously from this workshop and I believe it’s a powerful opportunity that we, as mothers, can give our daughters.” Melanie D., MSW

Corin Wiser has truly given a special part of her heart to her workshops and to her book, Matters of the Heart. Mrs. Wiser has the gift of getting much needed and constructive communication going between parents and teen girls. With gratitude for having attended her inspiring workshop,

Dr Annalee Kitay, Alternatives in Healthcare

September 19, 2008

Dear Corin,

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you gave to our Moms and teens last Shabbat.  The announcement of your appearance alone drew twice as many people as we expected.  Clearly, your reputation precedes you, for good reason.

I was so impressed to see how you could turn a room of over 70 people into such an intimate and safe space that ten minutes into the program people were sharing deeply emotional experiences with the whole group, and Moms and teens were hugging and crying together.  Your warmth, passion and love radiate to the whole audience and you model unconditional acceptance and lack of judgment.

Your book is delightful and has filled a need previously unidentified for this age group.  The vignettes are touching and the introduction to journaling will serve some girls well all their lives.  Your presentation style, with visual aides, excerpt-reading, exercises and volunteer engagement, kept the workshop fast-moving and interesting.  The lesson you teach about inner beauty and the tangible reminder of the values in the book that you supplied as a “party favor” are empowering messages for your listeners to take home.

It has also been a pleasure working with you on this presentation.  You made it easy for us to publicize your talk by supplying the flyer, bringing your own materials, being very responsive to our requests and deadlines and fulfilling all of your commitments.  Your integrity and professionalism are admirable.

I wish you all the best in getting your message out to the public.  Thank you for all the time, effort and energy you put into making the program such a success.


Sue Gurland,  Sisterhood President, B’nai Torah Congregation,  Boca Raton, Florida

Dear Corin,

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed attending your workshop with my eleven and a half year old daughter. I especially liked how you were able to motivate both mothers and daughters to participate in the open forum discussions. Your warmth and passion are truly genuine and enabled the audience to feel safe to openly share and learn from each other.The topics discussed are so imperative for young ladies to openly express and become aware of. I know that my daughter and I benefited tremendously from this “mother-daughter” event and I believe it is a powerful opportunity that we, as mothers, can give our daughters. At present, my daughter and I are reading the book together which is also a great bonding opportunity.

Melanie D. , MSW

Corin, I want to thank you for sharing your passion with my daughter and I. Your workshop was so meaningful and because of it, my daughter and I have gained a greater insight and understanding for one another that I hope will only continue to grow. We definitely bonded in a completely unprecedented way! We also purchased your book, Matters of the Heart, which we have started reading together. I know that both the workshop and the book will be invaluable tools for our relationship and for future problem solving.

Joanie S.

The information Corin Wiser was able to cohesively cover in two hours is life-altering. She is an extremely passionate and engaging speaker. Her interactive “summary” of her book, Matters of the Heart, served as a great forum for discussion of important issues that all teen girls face. The young women’s enthusiasm was evident in their active participation. We cried, laughed, and most importantly, we re-evaluated ourselves, our decisions and our relationships with each other. Corin’s mission was successful!

Jen Z.