About "Mothers & Daughters, Connecting Here and Now

Mother-&--Daughter,-logoCorin Wiser shares her unwavering commitment to strengthening the mother-daughter bond through her program, Mothers and Daughters, Connecting Here and Now. Her commitment began with a desire to create strong, empowering relationships with each of her own three daughters – 12-year-old twins, Rebecca and Leah, and 8-year-old Hannah. Corin is a caring and devoted mother, who believes that a strong mother-daughter connection helps empower young women, enabling them to overcome the unique challenges of the teen years. She believes that mothers and daughters share a mutual and intrinsic need to strengthen the very special and important bond that exists between them.

Corin Wiser has been helping mothers and daughters strengthen their connection and deepen their understanding of one another by teaching simple principles in her mother-daughter workshops – principles that help teen girls thrive during adolescence while simultaneously allowing mothers and daughters to connect with the gifts inherently found in the mother-daughter relationship. Corin is an engaging and passionate speaker who speaks from the heart. Workshop participants discover new and exciting ways to reconnect with one another, through fun and insightful activities, and Corin’s goal is to ensure that participants complete the workshops with a greater appreciation and respect for themselves and for one another.

Corin Wiser, M. Ed., is a mental health therapist who worked for many years with children and adolescents. She is the author of Matters of the Heart: A guide to living and loving your teen years, which presents simple and straightforward guidance to help teen girls overcome negative influences and reach their full potential. Since its publication in February 2008, Matters of the Heart has touched the lives of many teen girls. It has also been used as a tool for bringing mothers and daughters together, by serving as a springboard for discussions about sensitive issues, including discussions about body image, choices, relationships, etc. She has lectured across the country regarding the principles in her book and has presented workshops for private/public middle schools and high schools, as well as for various community organizations.