About Matters of the Heart: A guide to living and loving your teen years


More than ever before, teen girls are growing up very quickly, and they’re bombarded with confusing images and information. Even celebrities who were once considered “role models” are floundering, struggling to find meaning in their lives. Author Corin Wiser, M.Ed., recognized the critical need for a guidebook that would help teen girls connect with something of tremendous value: their own inner voice! Her new book, Matters of the Heart: A guide to living and loving your teen years offers simple and straightforward tools to help the reader connect with her inner voice, or “internal guidance system,” and to overcome negative influences on the way to reaching her full potential.

Every section of Matters of the Heart offers sound and practical guidance, in the form of The Ten Matters, followed by personal insights from Nicki – a sixteen-year-old girl whose journal entries illustrate that the challenges and insecurities of teen life are all part of a natural process. The book includes writing prompts – questions that encourage girls to think about the choices they make, the goals they have, and the untapped power that lies within. By applying the universal principles presented in this book, the reader soon discovers the precious gifts within, as she learns, grows – and yes – thrives and succeeds during those challenging teenage years. This book is both a resource and a diary, and a must-have guidebook for all teen girls.

Corin Wiser, M.Ed., speaks passionately and from the heart. As a mental health therapist, Corin worked for many years with children and adolescents, and her commitment to empowering teen girls inspired her to write Matters of the Heart. She is available for presentations and workshops and cab be reached by email at info@mymattersoftheheart.com.